Summer Grading 2019

All students must register and pay fees on Saturday 22nd June accept beginners and yellow stripes who must register by 9.15 Sunday morning. Once the grading starts no further registration will be taken.

Grading Day Sunday 23rd June

Doors will open at 9am

Grading starts at 9.30 sharp

The following should me observed on grading day.

Groups 1 and 2 below must be in the hall by 9.15 to prepare for grading.

Group 3 must be in the hall by 11am or before to prepare for grading.

Group 4 & 5 must be in the hall by 12pm or before to prepare for grading

As per call sheets, please ensure you bring full sparring gear where gear is required.

Student Grading List


Beginners testing for Yellow stripe.

Conor O'Leary

Matthew Andrews

Andrea Andrews

Yellow strip testing for yellow belt

James Murphy

Oscar Swords


Yellow belt testing for green stripey belt

Aisling Donnelly

Charlie Mulqueen

Kieron Floralde

Maya Fanning

Ronan White

Julia C Fernandez

Robbie Porter

Tymek Sierant

Yuze Shi

Will O'Doherty

Andre Rothier

Ziyan Ke

Eoin Alaba

Long Chen


Yellow belt testing for green tag

Luke Gogarty

Joshua Alaba

Green tag testing for Green belt

Livia G Holohan

Maya G Hoilohan

Molly Mack


Green belt testing for blue tag

Alice Gogarty

Jura Melders

Catriona Sloan

Andrew He

Blue tag testing for blue

Rosa C fernandez

Lucas C Fernandez

Sean Porter


Blue belt testing for red tag

Faye Morrissey

Orla Hickey

Cara Groenewald

Red tag testing for red belt

Eoin Kinsman

Conor Ennis


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