Summer Grading 2019


Please see the links to the Theory and Grading pages on the tabs on the side of the page. Here you will find information on the grading and theory questions. Grading fee of €25 should be paid prior to grading.

The revised call sheet is below. When looking at the call sheet you look at the page with material for your child's CURRENT GRADE and not the grade they are testing for. So, if your child is a yellow belt then you look at the yellow belt call sheet and not the green tag one.

More advanced students should refer to the ITA training manual, ITF training manual or Taekwon-do Encyclopedia. 10 years and above will be required to submit a grading application form in the first week of June. This is available on the Grading page.

Any questions by text to Mr Mooney on 0879542816

Grading Criteria

Students must know the syllabus appropriate to their grade.

Students must have served the correct time at their current grade.

Students must be in current and regular attendance at class.

The list is still being added to till first week in June in order to give some students every chance to be ready.


GRADING CALL SHEET 119.5KB 16 May 2019 05:24

Student Grading List (This list will be added to)

Ensure your child is attending class or they will be removed from the list.

Michael Joyce testing for black belt at ITA National Gradings

Beginners testing for Yellow stripe.

1. Aimee Olden

2. Conor O'Leary

3. Darragh O'Brien

4. Evin Daly

5. Matthew Andrews

6. Andrea Andrews

7. Mark Mc Dermott

8. Noah Golden

9. Paul Geraghty

10. Rhys Synnott

11. Oliver Mendes Healy

12. Aoibheann Ryan

13. Henry O'Toole

14. Noah Yip

15. Shiqi Chen

16 Andy Chen

Yellow strip testing for yellow belt

1. James Murphy

2. Robert Kenny

3. Robbie Clarke

4. Oscar Swords

5. Toby Sierant

6. Emma Wu

7. Jayden Brennan

8. Ryan Pei

9. Jay Forde

10. Michael Larkin

Yellow belt testing for green stripey belt

1. Aisling Donnelly

2. Luke Gogarty (green tag)

3. Charlie Mulqueen

4. Joshua Alaba (green tag)

5. Kieron Floralde

6. Maya Fanning

7. Ronan White

8. Julia C Fernandez

9. Robbie Porter

10. Tymek Sierant

11. Will O'Doherty

12. Andre Rothier

13. Ziyan Ke

14. Eoin Alaba

15. Long Chen

 Green tag testing for Green belt

1. Livia G Holohan

2. Maya G Hoilohan

3. Molly Mack

Green belt testing for blue tag

1. Alice Gogarty

2. Jura Melders

3. Catriona Sloan

4. Andrew He

Blue tag testing for blue

1. Rosa C fernandez

2. Lucas C Fernandez

3. Sean Porter

Blue belt testing for red tag

1. Faye Morrissey

2. Orla Hickey

3. Cara Groenewald

Red tag testing for red belt

1. Eoin Kinsman

2. Conor Ennis