Tae Kwon-do Kids

Taekwondo is a traditional Korean martial art.

And what could the benefits of taekwondo for children possibly be in today's world?

Well, the potential benefits of taekwondo training for your kids should not be underestimated.

Physical fitness, weight control, increased concentration, learning respect for others and a huge increases in childrens self confidence and self esteem are just some of the benefits for kids. Most importantly the kids have fun. Children are meant to exercise, to run and jump and get out of breath. One of the huge benefits of taekwondo for children is that the kids enjoy the physical exercise. They exercise their whole body from top to toe and they want to keep coming back for more.

For young boys the tough physical training allows them to let off steam. They love kicking and punching under controlled conditions but they also learn about self-control and how taekwondo has to stay in the Dojang.

For girls, learning to face confrontation and fear and breaking wooden boards develops self esteem and self confidence. Through this training in taekwondo kids get physically and mentally stronger which helps them in daily life.

TaeKwon-do kids learn complicated movements which help their concentration and memory and they learn to coordinate their bodies. Children in taekwondo learn discipline. They learn to do as they are asked and they gain the self-discipline to keep going when training is tough.

Another of the benefits of taekwondo for children is that there is great emphasis on respect and courtesy. Taekwon-Do kids learn to respect their instructors and each other. They learn to be polite to everyone, which is a great skill for them to take with them into adult life. Taekwon-Do kids also learn the power of perseverance. They learn that if something is difficult but worth achieving then for them to achieve it they have to keep trying. They have to face failure and get over it and pick themselves up and try again and again. And eventually they get it!

The sense of achievement and pride is a great boost to their self confidence and self esteem.

Training in taekwondo boosts self confidence and self esteem. Children become more sure of themselves and gain confidence through performing a difficult pattern in front of a grading panel. In time they will develop the confidence to teach and to nurture the younger kids and in doing so they learn patience and kindness.