Sponsors and Supporters

Welcome to Clontarf TKD
You received a communication from us as you have recently expressed an interest in providing sponsorship to Clontarf TKD. All sponsorship raised by the club is lodged to the Club fundraising bank account. This year we hope to raise funds to support students travelling to represent the Club, both as part of the National Team and our annual Club away trip later this year. Typical National Team costs per student are at least €1,000.00

We are proud that despite being a small club we now have 4 female athletes in the National Team. This is a wondeful achievement by our girls.
Natalia Burtenshaw in Special Tecnique
Emma Mooney in Special Technique
Sarah Reddin Conroy in sparring
Andreya Mooney in individual patterns/sparring/team patterns

At Clontarf TKD we believe in giving something back to those who have shown support for the Club. Whether it is discounts for our students, instructors or for the Club itself, we very much appreciate it. Below are some of those who have given sponsorship or support to our Club and to our National Squad members and to our instructor.

With agreement from those who support us we will publicise the support for the Club on our website and our facebook page. It would also be our intention to add logos/company names to t-shirt/club tops depending on the sponsorship received. These additions also carry a cost for the Club so will be looked at on a case by case basis.

Thank you all for your support.




Any Club member can apply for financial assistance for any away trip. However, where fundraising events are arranged we expect those who may benefit from such fundraising to make themselves available to help out at the event. Funds requested may not be available to those who do not support the raising of such funds.