Sponsors and Supporters

At Clontarf TKD we believe in giving something back to those who have shown support for the Club. Whether it is discounts for our students, instructors or for the Club itself, we very much appreciate it. Below are some of those who have given sponsorship or support to our Club and to our National Squad member and to our instructor.
Thank you all for your support.
European Championships 2017 Sofia Bulgaria
We are delighted to announce the following sponsors for Rebecca Mooney as she attempts to retain her title in Bulgaria. All sponsors have current connections with our club and we very much appreciate their support for this campaign. Rebecca is in great shape and we are looking forward to watching her in action.


Sponsors for the 2016 North Star T shirt: We are very grateful to our sponsors for their support.

Supporters for Rebecca Mooney and the European Championships Finland 2016

New sponsors coming on board to support Rebecca for


Sponsors for the World Championships in Italy 2015 were
Our Club Supporters