Our Club Crests



Our Clontarf Crest explained

Our crest is created in Clontarf red and white. Two versions have been created for use against various backgrounds.

The Clontarf bull has been added to make the crest unique to our area. The years 1918 and 2002 are added to remember our founder of Taekwon-do General Choi.

The year 2013 represents the year Clontarf TKD was formed.

The fist or 'kwon' carries all the colours of the Taekwon-do belts.

The white belt covers all the other belts to remind us that as we progress through each grade in Taekwon-do we once again become a novice and have to start learning new techniques and patterns all over again at a higher level. The learning in Taekwon-do is never ending. The light blue in the inner circle represents peace. We also have our sparring crest. This is printed on the t-shirts our sparring team use for training on the hot summer weekends.