Important News Section

28th December 2016

We are notifying parents early that the Club will re-open on Wednesday 4th January with one fitness/strength/mobility session for all ages and grades above 6 years from 6.30 to 7.30. Students should come to training in tracksuit and runners as we will train on the wooden floor and use the mats in a different way.

Our KUBZ will resume their training on Thursday 5th January with a full
schedule of classes also resuming that day with class
for 6 yrs old and above at 5pm after our KUBZ class. KUBZ who recently turned 6 yrs old will stay in KUBZ in January and will not move to the later class.

We encourage all new yellow belt and above grades to join in with our sparring classes on Saturdays at 12.30 and our technical class at 1.30 as we look to build towards the Cork Open International on 11th and 12th Feb 2017. However, please note that due to Ireland squad sessions there will be no classes on Saturday/Sunday 7th 8th January.

Finally; Please note that no students will be moving class in January even if they have reached the appropriate age for the next class. All KUBZ will stay in KUBZ and all 6-8yr olds will also stay in their current class even if they have recently turned 9. Our current syllabus will cater for those who are not in a position to move class for the moment with the 6-8 yr old class being extended to 6-9 yr olds for the moment. Thank you all for your support in 2016. We are looking forward to a busy calendar in 2017.

Christmas night in Clontarf TKD Monday 19th DecemberClass for all juniors in our 6-8 year old class and KUBZ starts at 6.30 sharp. At 7.15 there will be a slideshow as we look back at a great 2016 for the Club. We ask all older members to be present for 7.15. At about 7.45 we will have a class for the older students with a special draw for our star prize following that class.
There will be a raffle for hampers with tickets on sale on the night. We thank all the parents who contributed to the hampers over the last few weeks.There will also be some spot prizes. Winners of any prizes drawn must be present on the night.There will be 6 student of the year awards and 4 great progress medals presented on the night.Kids should wear Santa Hats on the night but should also train in full dobok. Some parents will be asked to use the seating provided up on the stage as we will not have enough room in the hall. We need to ensure we all work together to ensure all present enjoy the night. Thank you all for the great support in 2016. We are already planning 2017 and looking forward to another busy year. In 2016 we finished the year with a European Champion who is also the new World No 1; a World Cup Champion and 21 National Titles. North Star also won the INTA International Open, came second at the Dublin Open International and second place at the biggest Irish Cup ever held. This is an amazing achievement. Congratulations to all.
04 November 2016Competitor list for Irish National Championships (Irish Cup) 2016: If your child is not on the list we have not received an application or notification of intention to compete. Those who have not provided heights have not been entered into sparring categories. If your height is not done Saturday morning you will not be able to spar in the competition. Those with fees outstanding cannot be entered into the ITA database if fees are not paid Saturday 5th November.  7-13 yr olds compete on Sunday 13th. 14-17 yr olds on Saturday 12th. 14 year old and above juniors must be weight checked Saturday 5th November. (Students and parents should note that dieting or not eating prior to club weigh ins is strictly prohibited by the Club for all junior members. Junior students must fight at natural weights)
Students should arrive into UL Sports Arena no later than 9.30 on both days of competition.
We ask that all students wear our sponsors North Star t shirts to the event. Anyone without a t shirt can get one for €10 on Saturday.
If any details need to be corrected please contact Mr Mooney on 0879542816 immediately. Thank You.
04 October 2016We remind parents that monthly fees are payable on the first training day of each month. Where you allow your child to train and do not pay fees please ensure you advise a member of our team when fees will be paid. We fully understand that people may at times forget it is the start of a new payment period, and this is never an issue once acknowledged to us. Allowing your child to train and leaving without such an acknowledgement is not something we like to see in the club and your cooperation in dealing with this is appreciated.01 October 2016Please note the following important dates:Wednesday 5th October; No class in Belgrove as school are using hall, However 9 yr old and above students will train in St Aidan's C.B.S on Collins Avenue from 6.30 to 8.00. All students of all grades should attend this session. All world Cup squad must attend this session. Session will be taken by Mr Mooney.Saturday 8th October; No class in Belgrove as school are using hall, However 9yr old and above students will train in Killester TKD (St Brigids)  Session will be taken by Mr Mooney/Mr JonesYellow and green at 11.00 - 12.00 and Blue and above 1.00 to 2.00 (World Cup Squad)October 10th to October 17th Club will be closed due to World Cup in Budapest. there will be no classes for any grades. We resume classes Tuesday 18th October.Any questions to Mr Mooney on 0879542816 Thank You all.
23rd AugustThe North Star World Cup squad has been named. On behalf of the Club we wish to congratulate the following members of Clontarf TKD & Kickboxing who have been named in the North Star squad for the upcoming World Cup in Budapest in October. At the World Cup you will represent your Club, Country and National Association. You can all be very proud of your achievements to date. We look forward to you representing the Club to the highest standards both on and off the mats. We thank the parents for their ongoing support and commitment to the training schedule and all Club members for assisting with sponsorship and fund raising. There are a number of hard weeks training to go and we look forward to putting the finishing touches to a great team.
Junior Female & events they will do in BudapestNatalia Burtenshaw; Individiual patterns, special technique and team patterns.Sarah R Conroy; Individiual patterns, individual sparring, individual special technique and team patterns.Fiona Chen; Individiual patterns, special technique and team patterns.Emma Mooney; Individiual patterns, special technique and team patterns.Andreya Mooney; Individiual patterns, individual sparring, special technique and team patterns.Sam Lynch (killester); Individiual patterns, special technique and team patterns.
Cadet Female & eventsRebecca Mooney; Individual sparring, individual patterns. (Coach) (Team patterns manager).
Junior male & events they will do in BudapestJerry Weng; Individual patterns, individual sparring.Michael Joyce; Individual patterns. (Club Captain)
Cadet Male & eventsCarl McGrath; Individual sparring. (Coach)
Senior MaleGerry Mooney; Individual patterns, individual sparring, special technique. (Coach)
Supporters TravellingBernardine Mooney, Rita Burtenshaw, Julie Reddin, Tony Chen, Peter Mooney, Haiyan Yu, Miriam Joyce, Paul Mc Grath, Zara Mc Grath.
Team DoctorDr. Lorraine McGrath

23rd AugustKUBZ Registration is 6th SeptemberWe recommence our new look KUBZ at 3-45 on Tuesday 6th September. Monthly membership fee is €50 per child and attendance at 2 classes per week is required. New members should see details on KUBZ here including required registration fee. As a number of our 6 year olds have now moved to the older class we have some spaces in this class, so if you know someone who is interested get them to contact to register early. As you know places rarely come up so this is your chance to get your friends involved. Looking forward to seeing you all back. 20th August  IMPORTANT NOTICEWe have agreed to take on some new students in September and some have already joined our 6-8 year old class during the summer. Existing students who have not trained at all during the summer months must have re-registered by Monday 5th September at the latest. If you do not register and do not contact the club your place will be given to someone on our growing waiting list. It is unfair that we are turning people away despite near empty classes throughout the summer months and we will no longer hold places for juniors who do not attend class. We are a full time Club and do not close for the summer months. We have to take this action to be fair to the many students waiting to join our club. You will receive text notification if your child has been removed from our register.7th AugustOur 6-8 year old and 9+ year old classes return to training tomorrow 8th August with our 1st 4 classes focused on our 2016 'Superstars' events for both classes. It will be 2 weeks of challenges with trophies for our top competitors in each class. Got to be in it to win it!!! All 6 year old KUBZ who have spoken to Mr Mooney should now attend the evening class for 6 year olds.
Our 3-5 yr old class for KUBZ will not return until September. 7th AugustRebecca on the countdown to WAKOsClontarf's Rebecca Mooney is only weeks away from representing Ireland, this time in Kickboxing. Rebecca has trained hard throughout the summer and will make the move up to -50kg to take on the best kickboxers in the World in Citywest Dublin at the end of August. Rebecca is the only female member of the Irish Taekwon-do team to also now represent her country at the 2016 Kickboxing World Championships. It will be a historic moment both for Rebecca and our Club.3rd August 2016While our World Cup squad have already returned to training we will resume normal training next Monday 8th August at 6.30. The next 4 classes will be focused on our 2016 'Superstars' event with the winners getting trophies in the coming weeks. Students should also bring runners/trainers to class for some events.

As you know we recently sent out a communication regarding our changes to 'classes' from September.  One of the main changes was the communication that the Club will now be known as Clontarf TKD & Kickboxing. As a number of members know we have been working closely with Kickboxing Ireland for nearly 2 years and we feel a more formal kickboxing element should be brought to Clontarf TKD going forward. This will not impact on our membership of the ITA. The new timetable is outlined below. You will note the addition of a female teen/adult kickboxing class. The purpose for this class is to get more female athletes involved in Kickboxing and Taekwon-do in Clontarf. The classes will be mainly taken by our own European Taekwon-do Champion Rebecca Mooney. Rebecca has also recently been named in the Irish Kickboxing team for the upcoming World Championships later this month. We are confident that our blend of Taekwon-do and Kickboxing will continue to make North Star one of the most competitive Clubs in Ireland. We look forward to seeing you all back in August/September. Please see the new timetable and fees below.


6.30      6-8 years Taekwon-do development all grades

7.30      9-17 years Taekwon-do all grades

8.30      Female only teen/adult Kickboxing class NEW*


3.45 - 4.30    3-5 year old Taekwon-do preparation


6.30      6-8 years Taekwon-do development all grades

7.30      9-17 years Taekwon-do all grades

8.30      Female teen/adult Kickboxing class & male/female blue belt and above Taekwon-do NEW*


4.00 - 4.45    3-5 year old Taekwon-do preparation

5.00 - 6.00    6 - 17 years Taekwon-do development all grades


12.30 - 13.30  Taekwon- do & Kickboxing Sparring class

13.30 - 14.30  Taekwon-do Technical class


* the NEW classes will begin in September and the date will be announced soon.

From September all junior monthly fees are €50 per month or €8 per class

From September all adult fees are €60 per month or €10 per class

Monthly fee covers any additional training in Killester. All training in Killester must be agreed with Mr Mooney in advance.

27th July 2016Christine Franks is World ChampionThe Club wish to congratulate Waterford ITF's Christine Franks on winning the World Championships today. Christine has put in a huge amount of work in the last 3 months and has made many trips to Dublin to train with Rebecca Mooney in preparation for her world title fights. She has dedicated weekends to training in Dublin to achieve her goal. We congratulate Master Franks who's guidance and support for Christine has led to this wonderful achievement. We have enjoyed getting to know Christine. She has been a pleasure to have around the Club and around the Mooney house. Of course it wasn't all hard work, we did have some fun too. Congratulations to the new World Champion and her coach Master Franks. We look forward to Christine visiting the Club in the near future.

19th July 2016Summer classes in Clontarf TKD finish on Saturday 23rd July and the Club will remain closed for the last week in July and the first week in August, re-opening on 8th August.

Master Franks from Waterford ITF and some of his students will visit the Club again tomorrow Wednesday 20th for some training. Ms Christine Franks will return on Friday for some more training and also attend the Saturday/Sunday sessions. Ms Franks is making final preparations for her World Title fights in the next two weeks. We hope as many of our fighters can attend class for some fun training. Ms Franks is a great student and competitor and we wish her the very best of luck over the coming weeks.
World Cup Squad; Final preparations are being made before the North Star Squad is named for Budapest. Individuals will be assigned certain events in the coming weeks. North Star training sessions will be arranged during the two weeks off for the Club and squad members will be notified of times and dates. One of these squads may take place in Co Clare and we will let people know as soon as possible.  

28th June 2016

Reminder that Conor Shannon from Body Med in Clontarf will visit the Club on Wednesday evening from 7.30 to 8.30 to present and do practical with students on mobility for Taekwon-do. The session is free of charge. Conor has provided much support to our instructors and some of our North Star students and was a very important part of Rebecca's preparation in the lead up to the European Championships in Scotland in 2015 and Finland in 2016 where she became European Champion. We would recommend that parents also sit in on this talk for both their own education as well as learning about what their children should be doing to maintain their body in good shape. At 8 pm Mr Mooney will do a one hour training session till 9 pm. Those younger students who need to leave earlier can advise Mr Mooney prior to leaving at 8.30

28th June 2016

There will be no classes this Saturday 2nd July

15th June 2016

We hope to have the first batch of the new North Star T-shirts available on Saturday. The great quality T-shirts are available at a price of just €10 and can be worn by all students during our sparring classes on Saturdays. Or you can just look cool walking around Clontarf/Killester this summer. Thanks to our great sponsors outlined below.


15th June 2016

Ireland's Christine Franks (Waterford ITF) is training for her upcoming World Championship fights and has done some closed training with Mr Mooney and Ms Mooney recently as part of her preparation. Ms Franks will visit the Club and train with us on Wednesday 15th June for the 7.30 class. Ms Franks will be accompanied by her father senior MASTER Franks. It will be a pleasure to have them visit our club again. I am sure all our students will make Master Franks and Ms Franks feel very welcome. Don't forget your sparring gear !!!!! drills drills drills

15th June 2016

Below is the list of collectors for our fundraiser this weekend in SuperValue Killester. Thank you to all who have pledged their support. As you can see we still have gaps so if you can help your Club it would be appreciated. Remember we are collecting to raise funds for those travelling to the World Cup in Budapest and for new equipment for Clontarf TKD.


10th June 2016;

July will be our last month of KUBZ......However,...........

As of 31st July KUBZ will close. All 6 year olds who confirm they wish to continue with their training will be accommodated in our 6-8 yr olds class on Monday and Wednesday evenings from September. Please see our classes page for times before confirming your attendance. You will need to send confirmation of change of class to 6-8 year olds class to or discuss with Mr Mooney.

In September we will start a new 3-5 yr old TKD class at the same time as our current KUBZ classes.

It is important to note that if your child is 6 yrs old they cannot continue in this class and must transfer to the evening classes. We have limited space in the evening class so places will be given on a first come basis. Those who do not get a place can go on our waiting list to join the 6-8 yr old class as soon as we have a place for them. We feel that this re-structure will be of benefit to the kids coming through and allow for more flexibility with the 3-5 yr old class.

10th June 2016;

Classes next week beginning 13th June

As there is a book fair in the school next Monday 13th there will be no 6-8 yr old class at 6.30pm. The 7.30pm class should go ahead as normal. Any 6-8 yr old who is grading on the 19th can attend the later class if that is allowed by parents.

10th June 2016;

Grading 19th June

All students due to grade should submit their grading application forms to Mr Mooney this coming week. A few more names may be added to the grading list so please ensure you check it. Any parent who wishes to discuss their child's grading if they are not on the list should discuss this with Mr Mooney so that you are aware of how their progress is going.