Important News Section

24th May 2017
Road Trip
Waterford here we come. We are heading to Waterford to team up with Master Franks and 3 other instructors for a joint taekwon-do seminar.
Saturday June 10th. Departure from school at 11am. Seminar is from 2pm to 5pm. Returning to the school approximately 8pm but fb updates will confirm our estimated arrival time. LIMITED PLACES SO FIRST COME BASIS APPLIES. Nominal fee of just €10 to go towards the bus and seminar costs...fantastic value for a fun day of training.
Open to all yellow belt and above members, (and Kickboxers) own sparring gear required and only students of 9 years and above. Sparring gear not required for kickboxing girls. You must text Mr Mooney with your childs name to book your place on places....texts by Monday 29th so that we know what size bus to get. Going to be a great session.
Seminar following sessions will be taken by;
Master Neill Franks 7th Degree.
Sparring and technical.
Mr Gerry Mooney 3rd Degree. (2 time and current World Cup Champion) Sparring/tactics/development, patterns and special technique.
Ms Christine Franks 2nd Degree (current World Champion sparring -50kg) Sparring, (What works for me)
Ms Rebecca Mooney 1st Degree (2 time and current European Sparring Champion -45kg) Sparring (the kickboxing view)

3rd May 2017
We appreciate that the majority of parents and students abide by our silence policy at all times while classes are in progress. However,  we remind all parents and students attending classes in Clontarf TKD of our policy of SILENCE in the hall. We have had a number of comments from parents recently about the distractions for children on the mats.
Mr Mooney fully supports the policy of SILENCE during class and shares the concerns recently raised by some parents. Parents are reminded that Taekwon-do is an activity for their children and parents are free to hold conversations outside of the hall.
KUBZ classes during the day are not permitted to have siblings or other children playing at the back of the hall during classes. Those attending KUBZ with their child are asked to remain silent or leave the hall to hold conversations. It is recommended that parents who are not prepared to abide by these rules should find an alternative activity for their child.
Students and parents attending the later evening classes are reminded to respect the fact that classes are in progress when they drop and collect. All classes are to be attended in silence. You are also asked to assist us and remind your child attending the late classes that they should wait in the hall in silence for their class to start. Please support our silence policy and in doing so you are supporting your child's learning.

1st May 2017
  1. Our first female Kickboxing grading will be coming soon so be sure to return to training this evening.
  2. All Taekwon-do classes are as normal Bank holiday Monday (tonight) as we continue preparation for upcoming gradings.
  3. At 8.30 this evening we will have the formal welcome back for our history making 2 time European Champion Rebecca Mooney.
  4. Reminder that due to the school using the hall there is no class Wednesday so all members (including Kickbokers) can make up the class on Thursday at 5 pm.
  5. There is also no class on Saturday due to school using hall and our red tag and above gradings taking place on Saturday.
  6. Plans are still on track for our big gradings on 27th/28th May in both Killester and Clontarf for up to red tag.

25th April 2017
There is no class Wednesday 26th April due to the school using the hall. Please note that there are several dates over the coming weeks that the hall is not available due to the school using it. As we have grading coming up we want to get as many kids to as many classes as possible. Unfortunately when we rent the hall from the school this is beyond our control. Please see the club facebook page (published 12th April) for details on the dates the hall is not available.

All those considering going forward for grading on the dates below should attend this Thursday's class from 5pm to 6pm.

Saturday class this week will return to Sparring for yellow and above and female kickboxing and will also be pre grading for red tag. This class will be from 12.30 to 13.30 We need all higher grades green and above at this class to push our red belts through their grading.

Saturday technical class will also be grading preparation from 13.30 to 14.30

Despite the Bank holiday classes will go ahead on this coming Monday 1st May in preparation for grading. All call sheets are on the website and can be accessed through the links on the home page. Please help your child prepare for their grading by reviewing call sheets with them. Any questions to Mr Mooney on or contact 0879542816


Clontarf Taekwon-do & Kickboxing


6.30      6-8 years Taekwon-do development all grades

7.30      9-17 years Taekwon-do all grades

8.30      Female only teen/adult Kickboxing class NEW*


3.45 - 4.30    3-5 year old Taekwon-do preparation


6.30      6-8 years Taekwon-do development all grades

7.30      9-17 years Taekwon-do all grades

8.30      Female teen/adult Kickboxing class & male/female blue belt and above Taekwon-do NEW*


4.00 - 4.45    3-5 year old Taekwon-do preparation

5.00 - 6.00    6 - 17 years Taekwon-do development all grades


12.30 - 13.30  Taekwon- do & Kickboxing Sparring class

13.30 - 14.30  Taekwon-do Technical class


* the NEW classes will begin in September and the date will be announced soon.

From September all junior monthly fees are €50 per month or €8 per class

From September all adult fees are €60 per month or €10 per class

Monthly fee covers any additional training in Killester. All training in Killester must be agreed with Mr Mooney in advance.