Clontarf Taekwon-do Club


Clontarf TKD is a Taekwon-do Club in the heart of Clontarf. The Club is a community focused Club run by Gerry Mooney (4th degree black belt)  Rebecca Mooney (2nd degree black belt) and Emma Mooney (1st degree black belt). The Club has proven very popular with children in the area and has quickly gained a loyal membership and following. Our aim is to ensure our members achieve their full Taekwon-do potential, whatever that may be.


The Club is part of Ireland's largest Taekwon-do Association (and national Governing Body) the ITA, giving our members the opportunity to compete at the highest level of European and World Taekwon-do. At Clontarf TKD we are focused on ensuring our young members develop their skills to the best of their ability and our tag progress system for our 6 to 9 year olds provides them with a real sense of achievement. Over time the children will learn the wonderful skill of Taekwon-do, how to defend themselves and much much more.


Watch and see your child learn patterns (a series of movements against imaginary opponents), sparring, special technique and power as well as various team events.

They will also learn the Korean for the moves they learn. Come join us now to begin your Taekwon-do journey. Please feel free to look through the Club website for information about the Korean martial art of Tae Kwon-do and contact us through the contacts page at any time with any query you may have.

We welcome all visitors to our Club located at Belgrove Boys' School, Seafield Road Clontarf.

Yours in Taekwon-do

Gerry Mooney IV degree

ph 0879542816



Grading material.

There are several ways to access the training and grading material depending on the device you are using. Check our the grading page or check out the grading call sheets separately.

Parents should give as much help as possible to young children. Some beginner learning material is also available as well as a training manual up to certain grades.

Beyond those grades students should obtain the ITA training manual through the club instructor.

Some additional theory is also included on the website.

Names will appear on the grading list in the coming week.

 "Effort and attitude builds Champions"

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