December grading 2016

Grading on Sunday December 11th December at 9 am

Students named below must be attending class regularly up to the grading to ensure preparation is up to the highest standard. Some additional students may be added this coming week.

Please feel free to discuss any element of your child's grading with Mr Mooney having first discussed with your child and reviewed the call sheets.


Lucas Cunningham Fernandez; Rosa Cunningham Fernandez; Jura Melders; Eoin Larkin; Rian Connolly; Dylan Manley; Rachel Morrissey; Georgia Homer; Darragh Doyle; Louis Goulding; Louise Gallogley; Sean Pilkington; Dan Brereton; Liam Mancini; Beth Avila; Joy Brady; Ethan Lawler; Michael O'Donovan; Adem O'Malley; Senan O'Connor;

Yellow stripe testing for yellow belt.

Fay Morrissey; Ferne Morrissey; Cara Groenwald; Orla Hickey; Caitriona Sloan; Madoc Davies; Cathal Hogarty; Ciara Green; Ryan Boyle; Christopher Howell;

Yellow belts testing for green stripes.

Rhys Memery; Sean Connolly;

Green stripe testing for green belt

Eoin Kinsman; Fae O'Doherty; Eve Geoghegan; Mark Darmody; Leyla O'Malley; Vincent Ryan;

Green belt testing for blue stripe

Finn O'Doherty; Lucian Neumann; Luke Tighe;

Blue stripe testing for blue belt

Livia Martin; Mark Hayes;

Blue belt testing for red tag

Michael Joyce; Sarah R Conroy; Fiona Chen; Natalia Burtenshaw;

Red tag testing for red belt

Jerry Weng; Emma Mooney; Andreya Mooney;

Total grading in December is 51