June Grading 2018

Grading on Sunday June 24th

Door opens at 9am for registration and payment of fees (€25) for everyone in GROUP  1.

Grading starts at 9.30 am

Group 2 registration is at 12.15 Grading for Group 2 starts at 12.30.

The list below may not be final as some juniors will be given every opportunity to make the June grading. Decisions in respect of some of the more senior grades applied for are currently being discussed with students. We want to congratulate students on the hard work done over the last few months. Well done all.

Daria Kapusnik
Michael Larkin
Joseph Oliver
Robbie Clarke
Saoirse Rose Kovac
Lucas Chen
Ryan Zheng
Xinda Weng
Yitian Chen
Kieran Floralde
Luke Gogarty
Joshua Alaba
Eoin Alaba
Anne He
Keilip Samagaysay
Belinda Wand
Long Chen
Daniel Hogan
Yuze Shi
Kevin Huang
Charlie Mulqueen
Simon Clerkin
Julia Cunningham Fernandez
Timek Sierant
Ruby Tyrrell
Robbie Porter
Zyen Ke
Eimear Clerkin
Stephen Wu
Yannick Govin
GROUP 2 REGISTRATION AT 12.15 PM Grading Starts at 12.30
Alice Gogarty
Dan Brereton
Rachel Morrissey
Eoin Larkin
Louise Gallogley
Caitriona Sloan
Ryan Boyle
Andrew He
Christopher Howell
Ethan O'Brien
Rosa Cunningham Fernandez
Lucas Cunningham Fernandez
Jura Melders
Fay Morrissey
Cara Groenewald
Fearne Morrissey
Orla Hickey
Rhys Memery
Conor Ennis
Eve Geoghegan
Rey Medina
Eoin Kinsman
Rod Medina