Dublin Open 2014

Success for Clontarf TKD at the Dublin Open International.

Rebecca Mooney; GOLD in black belt sparring. Beat Italy and Norway in patterns and then lost out to Ireland's World Champion Ellen Ince in the quarter Final.
Emma Mooney; SILVER in patterns. Won her first fight but had to withdraw during her second feeling unwell. Great stuff Emma.
Mark Hayes; First competition only days after getting his yellow belt. Won his first round and then was beaten in the second. Can look forward with excitement and confidence to the Irish Cup.
Andreya Mooney; GOLD in patterns and SILVER in sparring. Fantastic step up in sparring.
Rowan Dowling Mahony; GOLD in sparring and BRONZE in patterns in his first competition. Amazing achievement.
Ewan Smith; SILVER in patterns, great performance from the Cork Open Champion.
Sarah Reddin Conroy; SILVER in patterns and a very confident performance only days after getting her yellow belt.
Michael Joyce; BRONZE in patterns days after getting his yellow belt.
Emma Mason; SILVER in patterns, another great performance.
Orlaith Connolly; Unlucky to come up against the defending champion Eve Ince in the first round but put in a confident performance. The best she has performed her pattern since grading.
Peter Mooney; first competition and great to see him get on the mats. Came up against the eventual winner. Looking forward to seeing him in action again and hope we get a better draw.
Gerry Weng; SILVER in sparring and BRONZE in patterns. Great performance froma  hard worker.
Rod Anthony Medina; GOLD in patterns. Entered sparring for the first time and did great. He has taken a big step in sparring and has gained great experience for the future.