Club News 2019

January 2019
  1. All yellow belt and above students should start to get sparring gear. Ability to spar will affect eligibility for grading for green belt and above grades from January 2019.
  2. All blue and above should now attend the blue and above class. This can be done as an additional class. When enough blue and above start to come to the Wednesday class we will add and extra option for the same on Monday evenings as per the timetable below. All additional classes taken are covered in the monthly fee. (Monday blue belt class not active yet)
  3. Our sparring and technical class on Saturday will continue as 1 hour each. 12.30 sparring class can only be attended if students have full sparring safety equipment. The 13.30 technical class is currently for yellow belt and above only. However, it may be necesssary for us to split age groups given the great numbers attending on Saturday. We will see how the classes work out in January and notify students of any changes.
  4. Facebook remains our main communications tool as we are not always in a position to send out text messages online. Parents are asked to check the facebook page regularly and encourage children to passon messages given in class.
  5. EXTREME SELF DEFENCE (ESD) ; As the higher grades (blue and above) are growing in numbers we will press ahead this year with ESD classes. We believe that additional knowledge will give our students confidence should they ever need to defend themselves. This is the reality of life and while we do self defence for grading purposes, we believe additional training is required for the reality of street situations. Krav Maga instructor Carl Smullen will also be attending the Club this year to give some additional tips on self defence. Mr Smullen is also a senior black belt within the ITA and a colleague of Mr Mooney for a number of years. The classes will be conducted with students wearing their normal street clothes (body armour will be provided).
  6. We are proud to have 3 members taking their places within the Irish National Team. This will be a big test for them on their life and taekwon-do journey. All 3 will be working very hard up to the World Championships in Germany in April.
Ms Sarah Reddin Conroy in Sparring
Ms Andreya Mooney in Sparring and patterns
Ms Emma Mooney in Special Technique