Club Fees


Clontarf TKD Fees 2018

The Club has the following payment methods for fees

1.            Per class fee of €10 [paid before or after each class attended]

2.            Reduced monthly fee of €60 paid in advance at the start of the month. [Yellow belt and above can attend 20+ classes during a month]

3.            Some students pay 6 months in advance. In these circumstances, 1 month will be free.


The following is NOT permitted.

            Students attending classes without paying any fee or without advising why a fee has not been paid.

            The reduced monthly fee (in advance) being paid part of the way through the month where classes have already been attended and not paid for. Where the monthly fee in advance is not paid at the start of the month, the per class fee (backdated) will apply.


The club fully understands people may forget to bring fees at the beginning of a new month. The Club has no issues with parents who forget such fees and advise the instructor of this before they leave.



  • The Club reserves the right to suspend or cancel membership for continued non-payment of fees.

  • Those who are behind in fees may not be eligible to grade or participate in other club activities until all payments are up to date.


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