About Taekwondo

Taekwon-Do is a modern and dynamic martial art. It was developed by General Choi Hong Hi (1918-2002) over his lifetime. The name Taekwon-Do was unveiled to the world by General Choi Hong-Hi on the 11th April 1955.Korean in origin, Taekwon-Do is famous for its spectacular range of kicks and punches. The study of Taekwon-Do aims not only to develop the student physically, but mentally too, creating a well rounded and balanced individual. To achieve this aim General Choi Hong-Hi based his art on Asian moral culture and included in his art the Tenets of Taekwon-Do;

Indomitable Spirit

By incorporating these basic values into one’s behaviour, General Choi believed a person could become a better member of society.

Through regular practice of Taekwon-Do students can expect to achieve noticeable physical benefits including; strength, speed, coordination, balance, endurance, flexibility, weight regulation and self confidence.

A Taekwon-Do class provides a dynamic cardiovascular workout combined with strength work, conditioning and stretching to increase flexibility.

The syllabus provides for the setting of achievable short, medium and long term goals. This means that the student learns the importance of self motivation and the reward of working toward and achieving a challenging target.

The rank system in Taekwon-Do is designed so that a student training regularly can work towards grading at intervals of 3/6 months during the colour belt levels. This means that immediately after a successful grading the student then begins learning the syllabus appropriate for the next grade level, which will include more advanced patterns, fundamental movements and pre-arranged sparring etc. This system means that each individual student can develop skills at their own pace while working toward pre-determined goals and objectives.

Grading in Taekwon-Do the system of rank is divided up into 19 stages. 10 of these are colour belt stages, known as kups and 9 belong to the black belt level, known as dans. Colour belt level begins at 10th kup (white belt) ,the lowest level, and works its way up to 1st kup (red belt black tag). Black belts begin with 1st Dan, and works up to the ultimate attainment in Taekwon-Do, 9th Dan, Grandmaster level.The Dan stages of black belt level are divided into three sections.

1st - 3rd degree are seen as novice black belts, still only beginners in comparison to more senior ranks.   

4th - 6th degree are seen as having crossed into maturity and are classed as experts.   

7th - 9th degree consists of Taekwon-Do masters, those who have come to fully understand and perfect the particulars of Taekwon-Do, both mental and physical.